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Windows On My World.

Someone literary once said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” Maybe, it was Shakespeare. Maybe, it was someone else — but no matter. The words are true. When speaking of houses in the same terms, it stands to … Continue reading

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New Porch and Roof.

href=”https://silverspringfarm.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/front-porch-new.jpg”> Mat has torn apart the old porch and rebuilt it to resemble more of what a porch from 1730 would have looked like, the exception being that this time around, it was constructed with pressure-treated lumber. I think it … Continue reading

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Winter Settles In.

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It’s a new year at the farm.  The 283rd year, if one is counting. New Year’s Day saw Silver Spring cloaked in a blanket of the cleanest, whitest snow I’ve ever seen.  I have to say, it suits her well! … Continue reading

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More Smashing Good Times. Bowling for Billiards.

The contingent of teenage boys (one is mine and the other two are friends) came up to the farm to assist in removing an old, moldy pool table from the basement.  They discovered that by throwing old bowling balls through … Continue reading

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Smashing Good Time.

Who knew how much fun it would be to smash up sheetrock?  Seriously, it is great therapy for releasing pent-up frustration caused by work, bosses, snarky teenagers, traffic… you name it.  Smash!   Bash!  Pow!  Bliss. Plucking out old fiberglas insulation, … Continue reading

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A Discourse on Tenants. Oy.

Now that my tenants are gone from the house, we can talk.  If I could wave some magic wand that turned back time, would I still purchase the farm, knowing what I do now about tenants?  I have to say, yes.  But … Continue reading

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(Nearly Wordless Wednesday) Because There Really Are. No. Words.

What the tenants left me when they moved out.

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