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Cleaning Out the Hayloft.

I can do a lot of stuff on my own. A lot. I didn’t get to where I am today by depending upon others for help. All through school, I would beg and cajole my teachers until they would let … Continue reading

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No. 8.

Dumpster Number 8 has arrived on the scene. 8. Eight. Ocho. Holy moley! Billy, Contractor Mat and I had placed a whopping one dollar bet at the beginning of this – who could guess the number of dumpsters we would … Continue reading

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday.

Bill went rummaging around in the back of the barn.  He finds something interesting, and calls me over.  It’s a wagon wheel.  Wouldn’t that look great on the family room wall?  But it’s attached to something.  We start moving debris … Continue reading

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Time Flies. I Am Tire-d.

Here it is, June 12th, and I’ve already owned the farm for three entire weeks.  It is frustrating being unable to come and go as I please, but the opportunity for unlimited access is now three weeks closer than it was before.  … Continue reading

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