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Signs of Spring, from the Silver Spring.

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Quotable Sunday.

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, – One clover, and a bee, And revery. If bees are few, Then revery alone will do. -Emily Dickinson

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Winter Settles In.

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It’s a new year at the farm.  The 283rd year, if one is counting. New Year’s Day saw Silver Spring cloaked in a blanket of the cleanest, whitest snow I’ve ever seen.  I have to say, it suits her well! … Continue reading

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Mother Earth News.

Hello, Mother Earth. When I began to sell honey and homemade lip balms and creams I envisioned it as the perfect summertime venture.  I could go to farmers’ markets and enjoy hanging out in the beautiful warm, sunny weather, chatting … Continue reading

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Dumpster Number 4. Autumn Views.

I never thought we could ever fill three entire dumpsters in five weeks’ time, yet we are now filling Number Four – and still there is more garbage and debris to drag out of the house. It is quite possible … Continue reading

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A Discourse on Tenants. Oy.

Now that my tenants are gone from the house, we can talk.  If I could wave some magic wand that turned back time, would I still purchase the farm, knowing what I do now about tenants?  I have to say, yes.  But … Continue reading

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The Birds.

Swallows are beautiful to watch. They fly and play and live out their lives in pairs, male and female, careening and swooping and soaring side by side.  Swallows are dancers in an aerial ballet that George Ballanchine would envy – … Continue reading

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Building the Electric Fence. Bears Beware.

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Friends. The Best Kind of Riches.

Bill and I went up to the farm on Sunday. Our mission: build an electric fence. Except neither of us, prior to Sunday, had even the slightest clue of how to do that. The sum total of my knowledge (being … Continue reading

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Queen-Sized Flower Fairy.

The last thing I did at the farm the other day was to wander out through one of the fields with a 1-lb. package of wildflower seeds, shaking them out here and there as I went.  My hope is that … Continue reading

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