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Mat and Rog pull out the rotted front wall of the house.  We called this "embracing the open plan."

Mat and Rog pull out the rotted front wall of the house. We called this “embracing the open plan.”

Here are some pictures of the progress at the farm.

Mat has been busy as a bee, replacing outside walls and building eaves on our eave-less house. We’ve got quite a lot of damage to the roof and siding of the house caused by water running down the roof, bypassing the badly-maintained gutters, and sliding down the inside of the walls toward the ground. The front wall was so badly rotted that we poked a hole right through to the outside with the handle of a hammer. Upstairs, the attic ceiling is black with the downy fuzz of well-established mold. The northwest corner of the house was so wet that when we pulled out the sheetrock upstairs we uncovered a massive colony of silverfish. Ew. Ew. Ewewewew!

All of the roof sheeting is destined for the dumpster. Not a single piece was worth the effort of saving.

Bill is planning to rip out the rest of the sheetrock and insulation from the upstairs ceilings this weekend. I will begin pulling apart the wreckage of the greenhouse. The “big plan” is to put the bricks salvaged from the chimney we pulled down on the floor of the greenhouse, to act as a passive solar heat conductor. I will build a sort of wide channel down the middle of the greenhouse with a raised bed, in which I would like to grow lettuce and ginger. This is going to take some time and also some cash (replacing the exhaust fan/heater and fixing the electric and water) so it will be a long-term project. In the meanwhile, my sister is giving me her smallish, unused greenhouse. I will set it up in a couple of weeks. Perfect timing!

In a couple of weeks I will begin moving all the perennials from the current house up to the farm. Guess that means I have to dig some garden beds – as soon as everything is defrosted.

Lots to do!

P.S. – Package bees arrive around the 5th of April.

About Silver Spring Farm

I am a beekeeper and organic gardener who is in the process of turning my renovated foreclosure property into a working farm. My etsy shop is located at where you can buy honey, lip balm, creams, soaps and other cool stuff. Bee happy!
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