The Hopeful Homesteader.

Here it is – another cold and windy February day has come and gone. More accurately: cold, windy, raw, rainy, dark, gloomy. The kind of cold and wind that hurts your skin. Raw, burning hands. Cold globs of rain pelting down on your face, your hair, your pants and shoes. Ohmygod, cabin fever has wrapped its suckered tentacles around my soul, like a giant snow kracken rising up from our frozen seas of winter. Blech.

My thoughts on days like these can only look forward — to spring planning. What else can one woman do? I have a basement piled high with wooden beehive parts that need to be glued, screwed, primed and painted. Can you hear the sound of fat, happy bees buzzing? Seeds to plant. Seed trays to wash, bleach and prepare so I can plant. A table that needs to be cleaned off, so I have a place to put the seed trays and grow lights. I have no place yet at the farm tilled in which to plant seedlings. I want to start transferring my garden perennials up to the farm, as soon as I can dig up some old beds and put up something to deter the deer. And the rabbits!

The lusty, life-filled scent of sun-warmed, freshly dug, loamy black dirt. Mmmmmmm…

The chicken coop needs work, the barns need to be painted. I can’t figure out how to lay out the new kitchen. I need to bottle honey for this Sunday’s farmers’ market and figure out how to program my new cash register.

Where the heck are all my mason jars??

Is is March yet?

Ah, some brain exercise has me feeling better already. Hurry up Madmoiselle Spring! There is lots of fun stuff to be done!

About Silver Spring Farm

I am a beekeeper and organic gardener who is in the process of turning my renovated foreclosure property into a working farm. My etsy shop is located at where you can buy honey, lip balm, creams, soaps and other cool stuff. Bee happy!
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1 Response to The Hopeful Homesteader.

  1. Chris says:

    This time of year is tough. While I’m not as ambitious as you, I’m glad to see the advent of March coming is not frustrating to me alone. Just stumbled upon your blog and will be checking it out. We’re going to welcome bees to our land this year so it’s nice to find your blog.

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