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Feeding Time.

September is a month of great change in Sussex County, and also in the beehives.  The autumnal equinox served as a signal to the queen to change her egg laying habits in preparation for a generation of healthy winter bees.  … Continue reading

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(Nearly Wordless Wednesday) The Result of Too Much Demolition.

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The Miraculous Blue Lo-Zag-Na Reincarnation.

What did the boys find in the basement?    I’ll share this witty email report from my pal, Carmine.  See if you can figure it out! = = = = = = = = = = Lee…a brief history lesson….Blue lasagna is … Continue reading

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More Smashing Good Times. Bowling for Billiards.

The contingent of teenage boys (one is mine and the other two are friends) came up to the farm to assist in removing an old, moldy pool table from the basement.  They discovered that by throwing old bowling balls through … Continue reading

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Smashing Good Time.

Who knew how much fun it would be to smash up sheetrock?  Seriously, it is great therapy for releasing pent-up frustration caused by work, bosses, snarky teenagers, traffic… you name it.  Smash!   Bash!  Pow!  Bliss. Plucking out old fiberglas insulation, … Continue reading

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Today Mr. Ex-Tenant has been removing all the trucks and trailers and machinery and boat and tools and you name it from the barn and barnyard! WAAA HOO! (He also took down a corner of my fabulous electric bee fence, … Continue reading

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