Queen-Sized Flower Fairy.

Leeann is spreading wildflower seeds in the southernmost field.

The last thing I did at the farm the other day was to wander out through one of the fields with a 1-lb. package of wildflower seeds, shaking them out here and there as I went.  My hope is that all the seeds will sprout, filling the wettest part of the meadow with a riot of colorful, nectar- and pollen-laden blossoms for the bees (and the queen-sized flower fairy) to enjoy.  It looked like a large amount of seed when I bought it; upon emptying it I wished I had purchased 3 or 4 more! 

Wild flowers blooming in the southern pasture

This weekend, God willing and the creek don’t rise, we will begin building the electric fence.

I have absolutely no idea how to do that. Should be interesting!

About Silver Spring Farm

I am a beekeeper and organic gardener who is in the process of turning my renovated foreclosure property into a working farm. My etsy shop is located at www.leesbeesnj.etsy.com where you can buy honey, lip balm, creams, soaps and other cool stuff. Bee happy!
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2 Responses to Queen-Sized Flower Fairy.

  1. Need any help with the fence, please ask. John is an expert at electric fence installation 😉

  2. Lee says:

    The flower, by the way, is commonly known as Penstemon, or Beard Tongue, and is part of the family Digitalis.

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