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Wordless Wednesday.


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The Changing of the Guard.

I met with Mr. Tenant this past Saturday in order to pick up a key to the house and sadly, to hand him an eviction notice.  I’ve grown to really like him.  Unfortunately, that makes the whole getting-rid-of-the-tenant thing tough.  … Continue reading

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

The drive past the carriage house (totally wrecked), and the 1840 post and beam barn, leading to the house.  To the right is the top pasture.  Out of sight are the other 3 pastures and the newer barn.

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I Bought the Farm. So Did the Refrigerator.

Well, folks — The deed is done.  I am now the proud owner and -sigh- landlord of Silver Spring Farm.  I paid the money, signed all the paperwork, then paid the attorney.  Alllllll done. No trumpet fanfares.  No cheering throngs. … Continue reading

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Weekends Should Happen Every Day

It was a good weekend. Friday evening I gave a bee demonstration to the girl scouts in Saddle River. They asked great questions and had a good time. Saturday was spent at beekeeping club, learning about top bar hives in … Continue reading

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

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Grow Your Own

There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of gardening – particularly vegetable gardening.  I have, over the years, gone away from perennial flower gardening and evolved into vegetable growing.  This is not easy to do in the woods, … Continue reading

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Time Flies. So Do Bees.

“This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.  This station, in cooperation with the Federal government, is conducting this test.  Were this a real emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune into in your local area to … Continue reading

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Friday is Beek Day

Ahhhh…. Friday.  On this blog, Fridays are being dedicated to beekeeping.  I can only talk about real estate for so long or it makes my head spin.  Bees are much more fun to talk about! I had dinner with some of my … Continue reading

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Tales of a Foreclosure Virgin – Part IV: The Wrinkle Gets Ironed (we hope)

Best and final offer.  How do you decide what that is without having any clue about the other bidder?  Their bid could be lower than yours.  Or way higher.  All I know is that I had made an offer which … Continue reading

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